Harnessing the renewed global support for nuclear to help achieve net zero

This High-Level Economic Panel will explore the recent report of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

This is the most positive statement about nuclear to emerge from any EU body for many years. Its resounding endorsement of nuclear’s environmental benefits and outstanding safety record will help nuclear take its rightful place alongside other low carbon energy technologies as a key part of the global response to climate change.

Extending the life of existing nuclear plants will accelerate progress towards net zero in this decade while increased investment in new capacity, including advanced and small modular reactors, will drive down both costs and carbon emissions in the 2030s.


Event date

14:00 - 15:30 BST


Diane Cameron

Head of Division, Nuclear Technology Development and Economics at OECD NEA

Dr Bertrand Magné

Energy Economist at International Atomic Energy Agency

Sama Bilbao y León

Director General at World Nuclear Association

Tim Yeo

Chairman at The New Nuclear Watch Institute

Yves Desbazeille

Director General at FORATOM