In previous years, we've talked about the dilemma we face when embracing data, about how advances in technology are forcing businesses to innovate, and technology is the great disruptor.

But now it's tech itself that's being disrupted, with a tech war that's seen the use of data and the right to use certain technologies threatened. In the last year alone we've seen attempts to ban or restrict entire platforms, we've seen governments stop the transfer of ownership of tech companies, big tech become blamed for social unrest or even COVID-19, and we've seen a rising and legitimate fear that our data is being used to manipulate us.

At the same time, there is a battle to dominate the digital currency markets globally and cyberattacks continue to rise. A war is in progress, but not one fought with guns and missiles. Instead we are seeing the beginning of a tech war that affects us all – from governments to businesses to individuals.

We present two, hour-long sessions, with speakers from Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe.

Session 1: Casualties of the Tech War, will look at the fallout and impact of tech disruption, the implications of China’s new state-backed cryptocurrency, and the fear, uncertainty and doubt over 5G.

Session 2: The War for Data, looks at how this affects how we use and protect data, with an examination of new data protection legislation, new cybersecurity threats and the trends and fundraising challenges the tech sector now faces.

Event date

Session 1: Casualties of the Tech War
16:30 - 17:30 HKT

Session 2: The War for Data
16:30 - 17:30 HKT


Session 1: Casualties of a Tech War


Session 2: The War for Data



Andrew Work

Editor In Chief at Harbour Times, and author of Crypto RMB: Finance Innovation or New Tool for Control?

Kevin Aubry

Head of Digital Technology at Palo IT

Kristine Chung

Partner at PWC