Managing under-performance of remote / home workers (Interactive online workshops)

Two interactive online workshops. Module 1 is aimed at HR professionals who will be coaching and guiding managers through the complexities of the process and the challenges that they may face.

Module 2 is delivered by actors using forum theatre to illustrate best practice when having difficult conversations about performance. 

Each module is offered and priced individually. It is our recommendation that participants attend both modules in order to derive maximum benefit from this course. For example references made or themes covered in module 1 may be picked up in the forum theatre scenarios in module 2.

Module 1 Agenda

Participants attending this three-hour virtual course (9.30-12.30) will be able to:

  • Support managers who manage remote/home workers 
  • Explain the importance of clear and regular communication, early intervention and keeping records of conversations 

Content Includes:

  • Determining whether an issue is one of capability or conduct;
  • Dealing with reactions such as grievances and absences during the process; and
  • The relevance of reasonable adjustments for disability to an assessment of performance

Module 2 Agenda

Participants attending this two-hour virtual course (9.30-11.30) will be able to:

  • Coach managers on ways to open up difficult conversations about an individual’s standard of performance
  • Provide guidance on ways to manage emotional reactions from an individual such as denial, anger or self-justification

Content Includes:

  • Actors role playing two scenes (one where there is clearly an under-performance issue and one where it is less obvious and only through good questioning will the true reasons for poor performance be revealed). 
  • Scenes set as online meetings. In one scenario the issues will have developed whilst the employee has been working remotely.
  • The use of techniques such as 'freeze frame', 'time out' and 'replay', allowing participants to suggest how to raise performance issues with employees and to observe how those suggestions play out.

To register for both events at a cost of £150 + VAT per person 






Event date

09:30 - 12:30 BST
Module 1 is £50 + VAT per person

09:30 - 11:30 BST
Module 2 is £100 + VAT per person