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East Northamptonshire launches second round of CIL consultation

Out-Law News | 26 Mar 2014 | 4:29 pm |

Developers of residential schemes in East Northamptonshire will be subject to community infrastructure levy (CIL) rates of up to £112.50 per square metre under proposals published by the local authority for the area. 

(12-page / 564KB PDF) earlier this month. It has proposed to divide its administrative area into three different charging zones for residential developments.

The highest proposed rate of £112.50 per sq m would apply in the 'North Rural' zone, whilst a rate of £75 per sq m would apply in the 'South Villages' zone and a rate of £50 per sq m would apply in all other areas. Care homes, extra care and other residential institutions would be subject to a nil rate levy under the proposals.

For convenience-based supermarkets and superstores and for retail warehousing with a net retailing space over 280 sq m the Council has proposed to set a borough-wide rate of £100 per sq m. A draft nil rate levy will apply to comparison retail and all other retail developments falling within Use Classes A1 to A5.

Offices, industrial developments and warehousing will be charged at a rate of £20 per sq m if the proposed rates are adopted.

The consultation is open for responses until 28 April. The Council said it hoped the charging schedule could be adopted in the summer.