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Free template due diligence questionnaire for corporate simplification projects

Last updated: January 2013.

This free template due diligence questionnaire is based on English law. Before downloading and using it, you should read our Guide to due diligence in corporate simplification projects if you do not already understand the legal issues.

Instructions for using our template

This is an example questionnaire for corporate simplification projects. It may be suitable for use in your organisation, with appropriate modifications.

If you wish to use the template, you will need to make some amendments to it to suit the circumstances of your organisation and your attitude to risk, so read it carefully. It addresses a range of issues, which is why it is several pages long, and it may be that only certain parts fit your business. You may find that parts should be deleted or changed substantially to suit your circumstances.

For example, it will need to be adapted to take into account:

  • the functions within your organisation;
  • your group’s processes for corporate approvals;
  • the business units involved;
  • typical assets and liabilities;
  • the geographical scope of operations, and requirements of local law;
  • the appropriate scope of desktop investigations to be undertaken by the core corporate simplification project team;
  • third parties, such as external advisers or agents, who should be consulted as part of the process.

This document is Copyright © Pinsent Masons 2013. It can be used internally in your organisation but must not be sold or distributed elsewhere.

If you would like help from us to tailor this document to your business, please get in touch with one of our main contacts.

Do not use the document if you are not confident that it is suitable for your circumstances. The document does not constitute legal advice.

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