Developers of residential schemes in Wakefield district will be subject to community infrastructure levy (CIL) charges of up to £55 per square metre under proposals published by the local council. 

Wakefield Council launched a consultation on its preliminary draft charging schedule (PDCS) (16-page / 1MB PDF) last month. It has proposed to divide the district into three separate charging zones for residential developments, with a rate of £55 per sq m to be charged in the 'high' zone; a rate of £33 in the 'medium' zone and a nil rate levy in the 'low' zone.

For retail developments, the PDCS proposes a rate of £89 per sq m for retail warehousing and a rate of £103 per sq m for large supermarkets of more than 2,000 sq m.

All other development, including other types of retail use, offices and care homes, will be subject to a nil rate levy under the proposals.

The consultation is open for representations until 6 August.