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Westminster consults on CIL preliminary draft charging schedule

Out-Law News | 23 Sep 2014 | 5:11 pm | 1 min. read

Westminster Council has opened consultation on its community infrastructure levy (CIL) preliminary draft charging schedule (PDCS), proposing rates of up to £550 per square metre for residential developments.

The Council has proposed in the PDCS (10-page / 1.1 MB PDF) to divide the borough into three charging zones for residential developments. In the 'Prime Zone', which includes Mayfair, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and parts of Belgravia and St John's Wood, a rate of £550 per sq m has been proposed.

A draft levy of £400 would apply to residential developments in the 'Core Zone', including Regent's Park, Marylebone, Soho, Green Park, Westminster, Covent Garden and Bayswater. Three areas, to the west of Paddington Recreation Ground, to the north of Edgware Road station and to the south of Pimlico station, would together constitute the 'Fringe Zone' for residential developments, for which a rate of £200 per sq m has been proposed.

Three charging zones are also proposed for commercial developments. The proposed Prime Zone for commercial development would stretch from Kensington Gardens in the west of the borough to Temple in the east and southwards to Millbank. Draft rates of £250 per sq m for office developments and £200 per sq m for hotels, nightclubs, casinos and retail developments are proposed in the Prime Zone.

The Core Zone for commercial developments, with proposed rates of £200 per sq m for office use and £150 per sq m for hotel, nightclub, casino and retail uses, would cover Pimlico, Abbots Manor and Churchill Gardens in the south and Bayswater to Marylebone in the centre of the borough.

The Fringe Zone for commercial development covers the north of the borough, from Regent's Park in the east to West Kilburn in the west, under the PDCS. A rate of £50 per sq m has been proposed for offices, hotels, nightclubs, casinos and retail developments in the commercial Fringe Zone.

A borough-wide nil rate levy is proposed for all other uses.

In addition to CIL charged by the Council, any developments in the borough will also be subject to Mayoral CIL. The Mayoral CIL charge in Westminster is £50 per sq m on all uses except for health and education purposes, which are exempt from Mayoral CIL.

The public consultation ends on 31 October.