Africa Construction Law (ACL) host the first Africa Construction Law Week during which we will explore the theme ‘Demystifying Construction Law in Africa’. This session in conjunction with HKA and Nasser Law brings together a panel of experts addressing transactional issues and claims and dispute resolution in North Africa.

The Africa Construction Law Week is a virtual international conference taking place 9-15 April 2021. It benefits from the participation of experienced construction law professionals from across the whole continent (West, East, North, South, Francophone and Lusophone) to discuss the infrastructural challenges faced both across the continent and bespoke to each region.

The North Africa sub-regional session panel of experts will explore the trends, opportunities and challenges within the construction markets in the region.

The panel will consider the following:

  • Contracting mechanism for construction projects.
  • Project procurement strategy and risk allocation.
  • Insight into project financing in North Africa.
  • Key trends and common issues arising from construction claims and disputes in North Africa.
Who should attend?

Construction law professionals


Event date

10:00 - 11:30 BST

Pinsent Masons Video


Aisha Nadar

Senior Consultant at Advokatfirman Runeland AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Colin Johnson

Partner at HKA, London, UK

Dr Ismail Selim

Director at Cairo Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, Cairo, Egypt

Dr Nagla Nassar

Senior Partner at Nassar Law, Cairo, Egypt

Simon Longley

Partner at HKA, Dubai, UAE

Trevor Powers

Director at HKA, London, UK