A series of webinars that will share critical thinking across both the public and private sector and will explore whether the government's proposed planning reforms are likely to do the job in terms of facilitating the rebuilding of the UK economy.


The first of our webinars will examine how “radical” the Government’s reform agenda actually is and what the resulting changes will mean for the timely delivery of new housing, commercial and retail development.

We will discuss whether the proposed changes will help to revitalise ailing town centres, with a flexible approach to the repurposing of existing assets, drive new delivery models for large scale housing, and help kick start the garden village and planned new communities that have struggled to progress through the existing plan-making system.

The debate will be followed by a Q&A session. Questions can be submitted on the day or alternatively if you would like to ask a question in advance, you can send them to: Residential and Commercial - Iain Gilbey

Who should attend?

Designed for those who are involved in planning across residential and commercial where attendees will gain an insight into the issues that need to be considered, offering an appreciation of the challenges facing each market.

Event date

11:15 - 12:30 BST


Bill Hughes

Head of Real Assets at L&G

Christopher Katkowski QC

at Landmark Chambers

Ian Tant

Independent Consultant and Immediate Past President at The Royal Town Planning Institute

Matt Spry

Senior Director at Lichfields