Webinar series on the ICC Commission Report, Construction Industry Arbitrations

Together with the International Chamber of Commerce Pinsent Masons will host the third webinar in a series reviewing best international practice in the conduct of international construction arbitrations.

This webinar will explore best practices in managing the arbitral process, from the issuance of Procedural Order No. 1 and the Terms of Reference through to the eve of any evidential hearing – more particularly:

1. The role of subsequent Case Management Conferences

2. The administration of form and procedure

3. The need or otherwise for an evidential hearing

4. General considerations for the conduct of an evidential hearing 


16:30: Introduction

16:35: ICC's perspective

16:55: Arbitrator's perspective

17:15: Counsel's perspective

17:35: Role play

18:10: Q&A

18:30: Close

The seminar series comprises the following six parts:

Part 1 - Introduction to the 2019 Report - commencement and tribunal formation

Part 2 - Identifying and resolving issues in dispute

Part 3 - Managing the arbitral process

Part 4 - Document control

Part 5 - Witness and expert evidence

Part 6 - Party settlement

Event date

16:30 Singapore
18:30 Singapore



Chiann Bao

Vice President at ICC Court of Arbitration

Yong Neng Chan

Senior Associate at Pinsent Masons

Ziva Filipic

Managing Counsel at International Chamber of Commerce